Raghavendra Rao

T.S.Raghavendra Rao




Parliament Focus:

Winter session of parliament is heading for washout baring few face saving legislations.

It is unfortunate that netas do not care for the people who have voted for them.  There has to be a specific measurable evaluating system for the MPs and that needs to be available for public scrutiny.  That appraisal system incorporating the parameters to be evaluated can be designed with public participation. And the system should be in such a way that there is only scope of objective evaluation of an MP and not subjective.

Few parameters like;

  1. No of days present in the Lok Sabha.
  2. No of questions asked.
  3. No of debates participated.
  4. Part of Parliament disruption.
  5. No of days, part of parliament disruption.
  6. How did he spend his MP quota fund?
  7. What development did he do in his constituency?
  8. Was he involved in any controversial issues?
  9. How many times did he visit his constituency and took suggestion form people on his performance and focus.
  10. Any Scam under his name …….etc.

These are the few suggestions, and i am sure when role this out for public suggestions, many more interesting suggestions will come.  Next time, before the election, Election Commission must publish this DATA and educate the voters.  When we start doing this, NETAs will fear and stop taking voters for granted.

Without taking sides, if you want to analyse the current parliamentary composition and evaluate their performance, definitely, lion share of the blame has to go to Opposition. They are disrupting parliament session   after parliament session without any valid reason.   Irony that the party with majority is not allowed functioning. It is as good as taking revenge on the nation for voting them out in the previous election.  Only and only if MP appraisal system is implemented like discussed above and voters are made aware of his/her MPs rating, which would put a fear in the mind of that MP and the party for giving him a ticket again.

Kejriwal Vs Jaitley.

Do not know who is right and who is wrong on Merit of the case but the way AAP is playing out the incidence of Raid on Principle Secretary to the CM is not in good taste. At the time of writing this editorial, came to know of the AAP Cabinet note on the raid, where it clearly mentions that Principle Secretary’s office has been raided.  But till yesterday, AAP kept on saying that CMs office was raided. A blatant lie for public consumption and another for office record.  Governance has taken a beating in Delhi because of this.  AAP must evaluate how many of its promises it has fulfilled till now. It is on confrontational mode since day one it wants to confront the centre every day for one reason or the other.  This is not a healthy trend. There were different governments at Delhi and at the Centre in the past and never has it happened like it is happening now. Full credit to Kejriwal and his team for this new way politics.  My sympathies are with people of Delhi.

GST … missed deadline again.

GST missed deadline again.  This clearly proves that the agenda of the opposition was to stall GST passage at any cost because they fear, passage of GST will improve GDP growth and there by ruling party gets credit for reviving the economy and this in turn would impact 2019 general elections.  What any irony, politicians are readily sacrificing the nation’s growth for petty politics. They just do not bother about people’s interest. I go to the extent of naming the age old party of India, Congress for stalling GST on a flimsy alibi. People should take note of this.  Money Wise will certainly canvas against these parties for stalling GST, a single most powerful reform which will put economy on the track. It is expected that GST alone would add around 2% to the GDP.

Money Wise, hopes better sense prevails on the opposition parties in getting important legislations passed in nations interest so that a proper evaluation of Modi government is done before next election.